German Frankfurt musical instrument exhibition on April 18, 2015 came to an end, this is the fourth consecutive time Schumann piano to participate in the world's largest instrument of the highest event, for decades of exhibitors, but also witnessed Shu Man piano constantly expanding the market, expanding visibility at the same time, more in Europe and the Middle East in the musical instrument industry has become more stable and mature.

Schumann piano with its product quality to meet a lot of Europe and the rest of the world piano old and new friends customers, to win the scene orders at the same time, but also with many customers reached a sincere cooperation and order intention The They are Schumann piano and Schumann in the rapid improvement of the quality of each year to give a high rating, but also because of this, Schumann piano to maintain the existing many high-end customers in Europe at the same time, in this flow of rare exhibition , Schumann booth before the crowd is still surging, in this time and the depressed musical instrument show the scene showing a different kind of gratifying scene.

Recalling the German Frankfurt musical instrument exhibition, the most emotionally is affected by the European economy and the world economy, the German Frankfurt musical instrument show popularity has declined, not only a significant reduction in traffic, exhibitors are more to wait and see attitude. As a result of the devaluation of the euro and the relative appreciation of the renminbi to our sales has brought greater difficulties, but it still control in the enterprise can withstand and control within the scope of the exhibition and the recognition and performance is encouraged And inspired us.

We also deeply understand: the enterprise only hard training internal strength, speed up the technological upgrading of products to enhance the technological content of products.To stand on a higher platform in order to face the challenges of the market for enterprises, stand in the market.