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 As a solely-invested affiliate of Nanjing Moutrie, Nanjing Schumann Piano Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a modern enterprise specializing in piano manufacturing. It has a productivity of nearly 10,000 for Moutrie and Schumann piano.
After resolute practice and long-term experience credit building, Nanjing Schumann Piano Co., Ltd has gradually developed Moutrie and Schumann into trans-regional and international brands. At home, a steady distribution network has been set up; at abroad, the products has largely distributed to middle and high-end European markets and also made new breakthroughs in America, Middle East and Southeast Asia. For the past twenty years, hundreds of thousands of Moutrie and Schumann pianos have been supplied to the society, offering numerous users with excellent choice and satisfactory consuming experience. For successively many years Moutrie and Schumann piano have won honors including Jiangsu Famous Mark and Jiangsu Famous Brand, etc, and the company was awarded as Powerful and Strong Company of Musical Instrument Industry in China for many years.
Nanjing Schumann Piano Manufacturing Co., Ltd insists on creating artistic, original and unique excellence by means of abundant professional knowledge and experience. Each piano product has embodied innovation in design intent and material. Excellence, individuation and innovation have endowed Moutrie and Schumann pianos with permanent value and time spirit.
In respect of quality control, the company has been insisting on the production flow of “Process Excellence”. All kinds of professionals are taking full-course supervision on the whole production process so as to ensure the product and service quality and meet satisfaction of customers. The company has been improving itself and persistently implementing ISO:9001(2000)Quality Management System, have passed international and domestic quality authentification, and established and completed management mode of modernized enterprise; besides, having attached great importance to technology advancement, it has entered into technology cooperation and seek for further procession with German and Austrian piano manufacturing companies in the manner of introduction and collaboration, and adopted internationally leading manufacturing craft and standard production arrangement to constantly improve the inner quality of piano product, which have helped it win the title of Nanjing New High-tech Enterprise.
Nanjing Schumann Piano Manufacturing Co., Ltd is an enterprise in constant innovation and development with deep cultural deposits. Depending on its outstanding culture, mechanism and systemized and institutionalized human resource training system, it has cultivated more and more remarkable groups and individuals. With collective wisdom and strength as the solid developing base, the employees' value is allowed to be realized during continuous achievements of the company, which means a perfect combination of personal value and enterprise value.
To Bring Impressiveness with the Tone is our forever tenet. We look forward to joining of friends from all circles of life at home and abroad and work for a prosperous future.


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