Schumann piano into the Southeast University, portrait interpretation of the campus culture

Music blend, highlight the artistic charm; blowing and singing, filling the campus style.

On the evening of April 17, 2015, Schumann piano into the southeastern university in Jiangsu, and the Southeast University School Youth League, the School of Economics and Management Committee, the Pioneer Art Troupe Harmony Harmony Harmony Association co-hosted the Schumann Piano Night and the second campus Instrumental contest finals, and write a music chapter.



The final round is divided into two rounds, the first round of 24 players in turn to play; the second round will be divided into six groups of players, each group of four ensemble, track limited by the judges after the evaluation of the score to determine the game results. Two rounds of competitions after the combination of the top three results, and through the online voting part of the selection of a popular star.



Schumann piano as the contest of the designated game with the full sponsorship of the game, for the game to provide a strong support. Schumann has always been more committed to similar campus competition, which is intended to enrich the teachers and students of the campus cultural life for the music lovers in colleges and universities to provide a platform to show themselves, but also help to promote the construction of spiritual culture, so that the majority of campus students To further understand the Western musical instruments at the same time on the traditional arts and culture also cultivate a strong interest.



The scene of the game, Schumann piano with its excellent piano sound touched the presence of every audience and judges. The school said the competition in the Schumann piano portrait of the sponsor has been a complete success, similar activities in colleges and universities have a good role model. After looking forward to the cooperation with the Shu Man piano again, but also wish Schumann in the "core technology system of piano" under the idea of ​​the better and better.