Schumann piano took the lead through the "instrument harmful substances limit" detection

Recently, Nanjing Shu Man Piano Manufacturing Co., Ltd. produced by the Schumann piano successfully passed the National Light Industry Instrument Quality Supervision and Testing Center, "the instrument harmful substances limit" standard test. The test items are formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, benzene, the total volatile organic compounds, the test results are all qualified. The Schumann piano has also become one of the few piano brands through this test.



As we all know, the instrument harmful substances exceeding the standard instruments will cause indoor environmental pollution, the user's health have a negative harm. While young people at home and abroad, musical instruments in the proportion of young people is very large, but young children are in the growth and development stage, if a long time living in the pollution of the indoor environment, or often contact with contaminated instruments, breathing instruments released Out of harmful substances, will cause serious harm to health, and modern people are increasingly aware of this problem, in the choice of piano on the harmful substances are more and more obvious concerns. The lifting of the concerns of ordinary consumers to protect the interests of consumers and health is the Schumann piano actively participate in the standard test purposes.



Since the construction in 1955, Schumann piano has always been committed to creating high-quality piano, in strict accordance with the European piano production standards and production of piano, is China's earliest exports to Europe, one of the piano brand in the country is the first to adopt the ISO: 9001 (2008) quality management system and ISO: 14001 (2004) environmental management system, has won the "Chinese musical instrument piano strong company", "the most trusted consumer piano brand", "brand-name products in Jiangsu Province", "Jiangsu famous Trademark "and other praise, at home and abroad in the high-end piano market has been well received. At the same time in the material safety, Schumann piano from beginning to end adhere to the "best" and "green" principle. The National Light Industry Instrument Quality Supervision and Testing Center of the test results, but also once again confirmed that Schumann received all the title is deserved, but also to Shu Man piano users can completely free and comfortable to enjoy the Schumann piano in the music On the road!