Schumann piano to help out the twelfth "Star Torch" contest

"Youth torch" Chinese youth art talent selection activities by the Communist Youth League Central Committee, the Ministry of Culture, the Chinese Cultural Exchange and Cooperation Association, the Chinese Society of Education Children's off-campus education branch, the Chinese youth vanguard red scarf art group co-organized. Has been successfully held eleven sessions.

The 12th "Star Torch" Chinese Youth Art Talent Selection Competition The Jiangxi Finals was successfully completed at the Red Valley Workers' Cultural Palace on July 15, 2015. The Schumann Piano was designated as a piano for the contest, Man's brand culture and the quality of the piano itself by the players and judges favorite.

Schumann piano Jiangxi Nanchang special dealer Jiangxi Aegean Sea Art Center for this contest in particular to provide the Schumann A2-125 vertical piano, sound and bright and delicate piano, to the players who added confidence, the greater play out Everyone's strength! The contest to a lot of professional teachers and peers, Schumann 125 piano new appearance, the perfect sound to win the peer, professional teachers, and parents highly praised! Many teachers can not help the rest Tried one!