Schumann piano won the 2011 - 2013 piano brand network contest six awards

"2011 - 2013 piano Chinese piano brand network contest" was launched by the starry night piano network organization, began to warm up on February 7, 2014, in the nearly 100 well-known network media under the high exposure. The selection was officially launched on February 15, 2014, as of April 9, the use of online voting and expert jury selection method. After nearly 50 days of Internet users to vote for the vote, and then by the "cattle micro alliance founder" Zhou Qunchao, "piano network network Reds, blind lawyers" Zhang Zhenyu, "Li Yundi Royal lawyers" Huang Guifeng, "" Magazine editor-in-chief "Lu Nujiang," Phoenix TV senior financial reporter "Liu Jingxin," travel Austria, the famous youth pianist, professor of Shanghai Conservatory of Music "Tang Jin and" well-known pianist "leaves the composition of the expert jury for two Screening, the final selection of "best-selling family with the piano" "best-selling playing with piano" and other top ten awards.

Schumann piano with its own high-end quality and unparalleled cost-effective and good after-sales protection, in one fell swoop, including "the best-selling family with the piano champion" "after-sales service the most guarantee award" and other six awards, General Manager Mr. Wang Yonghe also won the "China Piano Industry Outstanding Contribution Award" individual awards.

Schumann piano from the initial construction to the present, has gone through more than half a century, and other piano brand compared to Schumann piano more emphasis on piano quality investment and promotion, advertising in advertising will be much less. In this selection of the network Schumann piano can stand out, won the six awards in one fell swoop, is the majority of consumers on the Schumann piano brand, quality and market positioning affirmation and recognition.

Schumann's success thanks to its reliable and stable quality and credibility of the accumulation, the best way to promote the user's word of mouth is the legend, it is this little accumulation, the achievements of the Schumann piano in the piano brand market The steady growth.