Schumann new show 2015 Shanghai musical instrument exhibition, to create a new international quality height

China (Shanghai) International Musical Instrument Exhibition is one of the world's most influential musical instruments. It brings together well-known brands and businesses at home and abroad, for the Chinese musical instruments to the world, the world counterparts to understand China to build a good platform. 2015 China (Shanghai) International Musical Instruments Exhibition held at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center from October 14th to 17th, Schumann Piano as a piano brand with thirty years of history, starting from the first session of the exhibition, Is already exhibiting for 14 consecutive years.

The show Schumann brings different brands of different grades of three series of pianos to meet the different positioning and needs of the consumer groups. Classical and elegant MOUTRIE, cost-effective king SCHUMANN and upgraded version of high-end new STEINER, these products show the latest research results Shu Man piano, reflecting the Schumann piano in recent years to high-end, diversified development trend, attracting many domestic and foreign distribution Business, the audience and industry experts come to visit the booth business negotiations, understand the product.

After 30 years of brand development, for 14 consecutive years of exhibitors, Schumann piano witnessed the prosperity of the development of China's piano industry, with improved piano quality, industry professional word of mouth and market sales increased year by year to create a high quality , The cost-effective German piano, and 2015 exhibition, Schumann piano is its rapid improvement of the outstanding sound and feel to create a new international quality and price of the new price, so that every visitor can not put it down, full of praise.