Lang Lang and Qinzi Qi Zhong Shan, Shu Man, Modeli Chang Jinling

October 7, the world famous young piano master Lang Lang in Nanjing Wutai Mountain Gymnasium and Nanjing twenty-eight small children (symbol of the 2008 Olympic Games) in the Lang Lang piano recital into the climax, played a "military march" to the piano solo Will once again climax, causing all the audience and children's parents resonance.

The piano performance activities by my company's strong support, our company should be the activities of the organizing committee of the requirements of the provision of twenty-eight vertical piano, and Lang Lang down the Nanjing Metropark Hotel presidential suite accommodation prepared a Taiwan for export to Europe's "Schumann" GP212 grand piano as Lang Lang practice piano. Through the activities of the company, in order to further promote the development of cultural undertakings in Jiangsu, improve the quality of education for young people's music, so that the atmosphere of music culture in Jiangsu earth more concentrated more fragrant and more harmonious.