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Welcome to the world of Schumann piano
Open the mysterious journey of Schumann's piano creation

  • "We believe that good piano can bring people
    Fantastic music experience. "

  • Factories live

    Schumann was founded in 1956, has been more than half a century of development history, the new site is located in the south bank of Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge Yuhua Economic Development Zone, with production sites nearly 6,100 million square meters, with nearly 1,0000 Square meters of constant temperature and humidity of the assembly workshop, the current three brands "Schumann", "Steiner", "Modley" in more than 40 countries around the world are patented and sold. Annual production capacity of 8000-10000 pianos, with annual sales of up to 8,000 pianos. Which accounted for 30-40% of exports.

    Operational philosophy

    Continued innovation - Schumann piano constantly challenge themselves, each piano from the shape design to structural planning, wood selection to production production, have been repeatedly tried and constantly revised, hoping to give players a higher quality music interpretation experience.
    Stick to quality - quality has always been the most important part of the Schumann piano. In order to make the piano have a more perfect quality, Schumann piano re-study, continuous correction, after numerous practice, until the confirmation of quality and stability began to produce. Schumann piano focus on every detail, fully meet the professional players, music connoisseurs and enthusiasts of the personalized, high-quality instruments of the ultimate pursuit
    Music and music should be so that everyone can enjoy, the piano as the king of the world of musical instruments can be a variety of interpretation and interpretation of music, "Qin sound of life", "music" and "life" inseparable, Schumann is the ultimate goal of piano manufacturing. Hoping to play the piano into a part of life, in any state can have music to accompany the music with music to bring life.

  • "We are more demanding ourselves,
    Hope to better protect the natural environment. "

  • Schumann piano set up his own research team to develop high standards, only for the production process without defects

    Zero defect production process thanks to our manufacture of each piano are used in Germany eXC comprehensive evaluation system evaluation data, effectively guarantee the piano effective chord length, tension, string diameter, hit the string and other key parameters. We have a chain of raw materials from the beginning of the purchase chain, concerned about every detail, in the pursuit of excellence in material handling, to ensure that the Schumann piano in any climate conditions are reliable.

    Environmental protection and sustainable development, the use of renewable energy

    We have always focused on the relationship between man and nature, actively thinking about the interaction between wood and metal, and sticking to the wood selection, storage, drying and processing that is conducive to the sustainable development of forestry, ensuring stable and optimal material utilization. Whether it is China's top Tibetan spruce or spruce pine, or imported from Europe beech, spruce or pine, we choose the material while considering sustainability.
    Schumann piano not only on the quality of raw materials have strict requirements for health and environmental protection are also attached importance. We only use the most harmless, reliable and in line with national standards of adhesive and finishing materials, the use of low-emission treatment process, the full protection of the user's health and environmental safety.

  • Selection and standing

    A 80% of the piano's production materials are wood, the choice of wood and the quality of the piano is essential to the quality and life of the piano. Schumann piano wood are selected Chuan Tibetan top spruce or fish scales pine, and the European imports of beech, spruce or pine. Schumann piano piano wood naturally rest for more than five years will be processed in the processing process is still standing and drying to ensure the stability of the piano.

    Frame processing

    The back frame is made of high quality wood stitched to remove the internal stress, reduce the deformation possible, make it durable for a long time. Curved shell selection of high-grade wood veneer, after careful selection of treatment, in a dedicated mold in the pressure to make it glue type. In a certain temperature and humidity placed naturally for more than six months to remove its internal stress, so that stability. And then processing the piano back bend. This product can guarantee the Shu Man piano can withstand decades, several generations of knockout and still strong body.
    Cast iron plate in the traditional casting process based on the use of V molding, iron flatness, tensile strength, precision greatly improved. Unique annealing and drying treatment to stabilize, for its long time to withstand more than 20 tons of tension to lay a solid foundation.

  • "I like to deal with wood, this breath of nature is fascinating, I prefer to make every family from generation to generation of the piano, which is an infinite possibilities of magic creation."

  • Winding system

    The string system is an extension of the player's hand, which directly affects the performance of the player's music. Schumann piano hit the string machine made of 100% natural wood, 90% of the raw and auxiliary materials, including all kinds of wood, felt, spring, etc. are well-known suppliers from the world; major parts, including axle, Vibration and other processing by the German, Japan imported processing center to complete the production environment to implement the whole process of temperature and humidity control. Each node of the Schumann piano's string system is determined by detailed calculations and subjected to countless experiments to determine its parameter values. In the factory after nearly a hundred of the manual adjustment, to achieve the best combination of state, the various parts of the activities of sensitive, touch and hair. In particular, the use of special equipment to measure the size of the strength of the spring device, each spring are adjusted to meet the requirements of the size, and from the bass to the treble of the natural transition to ensure that the feel when playing to the best condition.
    Schumann piano hammer with the original German FFW top quality wool inside and outside the blankets, peach core wood forming, outside the soft inside just, with excellent flexibility.
    Schumann piano has a multi-layer high-temperature solid wood processing keyboard, all the keys one by one balance weight; accuracy is accurate, making the player feel sensitive and free.
    Solid wood, copper pedal system, to further reduce the noise hidden, to Shu Man piano players the most relaxed experience.

    Sound source system

    Sound board is the soul of the piano, is the core part of the sound source system. Schumann piano sound board ranging from thinner, unique dual-stream sound board processing technology, the volume is greater, the resonance is more full, to enhance the player to enjoy the hearing.
    Chord Code Schumann piano using the top color wood production, with a high vibration conductivity, to ensure stable sound source. Hand shovel code, better quality.
    Chord axis Schumann piano with eighteen layers of high quality color wood veneer alternately pressed, uniform density, grip nail force, greatly to ensure that the piano pitch and stability.
    Strings are used in Germany "Roslau" the highest level of special strings, which bass strings to pure copper winding. Shu Man piano unique pre-straight technology, eliminating the winding after the copper wire bending, stretching the phenomenon, fully guaranteed the bass chord pronunciation pure, accurate pitch.
    Schumann piano all with independent string button pure copper string pillow design, fully guarantee the same group of double or triple the effective length of exactly the same, from the treble to the bass gradually weakened, bass rich, treble soft, treble crisp, to create a balanced and lasting sound quality response.
    Ribs made of durable spruce, in a dedicated mold will be bonded to the sound board board, and sound board integration, so that the sound board showing a certain degree of curvature, so that it has a certain initial stress.

  • A piano's rich sound and Smart touch is not a single part of the good or a good use of accessories can be achieved, but all the modules of the mutual adjustment and mutual cooperation, all operations must be repeated by the experienced craftsmen repeatedly debugging , In order to achieve the perfect feeling. Because each piano player's personality is different, so these experiences are infinitely diverse. Each of the Schumann piano is made up of more than 10,000 parts, and at least 15 years of experienced master of the system is 158 hours of craftsmanship, carefully crafted, and ultimately create a complex and rich Wonderful touch and timbre.