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MOUTRIE(SCHUMANN) Piano, Hot Sales in England

The-piano-man Company (UK) is a shop special piano with long history in Manchester of England. It was special engaged in YAMAHA series of high-grade piano of Japan and was the biggest distributor of YAMAHA in England. Now the company is the agents selling our MOUTRIE piano in the U.K.
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HEADINGLEY PIANOS company is located in Leeds, selling our SCHUMANN Pianos in the U.K.
The series product of SCHUMANN/MOUTRIE now has occupied the medium and high grade piano special shops in England with hot sales. Our products have gained good reputation in professional musical customers in England, who praised that the series of SCHUMANN/MOUTRIE piano have the European style. The distributors showed that the series of SCHUMANN/MOUTRIE piano will be the main product of them and were confident in the development of north European market.